450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education

Project “450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education” Nr.EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/02 is implemented in Latvia and Norway on 01.01.2015.-31.12.2015. The project has following objectives: enrichment of Latvian cultural environment with new exhibitions and activities; providing connections between Latvia, Norway and other countries in education and culture; creation of positive image of Latvia in the world; struggle with xenophobia; discrimination and anti-Semitism; improvement of inter-cultural dialogue between various ethnic and cultural groups of Latvia; integration of ethnic minorities.
The project consists of a number of exhibitions and workshops:
The exhibition of pictures by Joseph Kuzkovski and lecture-dispute about arts of J. Kuzkovski by Dr. Meir Aronson (Israel) in Academy of Culture, Latvia;
The exhibition of pictures by Felix Mostowizs “Memories from the past”, and presentation of his works and a public discussion with the author F. Mostowizs “National and subnational in visual arts in New Europe” in the Academy of Arts, Latvia;
The exhibition “Jews in Norway and Latvia. Unexpected crossings” , workshop on Norwegian Jewish culture in the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust museum and public lecture-dispute of the principal of OEM Dr. Sidsel Levine “Toleration and inter-cultural dialogue in Norway” in the University of Latvia;
Concert of klezmer (Jewish folk music) band „Urban Tunélls” (Norway) as a part of 7th Jewish Culture Festival in Riga at Riga Latvian Society premises;
The exhibition “Jews in Latvia”, workshop on Jewish Latvian history and culture and public lecture “Memorialization of the Holocaust and development of toleration and inter-cultural dialog in Latvia” in Oslo Jewish museum (Norway);
International children’s drawing contest “My family story and me”, exhibition and seminar for art teachers, psychologists and parents “A drawing of a child as a reflection of inner family world”.

All the exhibitions, excluding “Jews in Latvia”, will take place in the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust museum (Riga, Maskavas 14a).
The project is granted by 65 677 EUR by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway, mediating by EEA financial instrument. The project’s total cost is 89 117 EUR, state co-funding 11 590 EUR, co-funding by Association “Shamir” 11 850 EUR.