23 February
Candle times:
23 February - 17:27, 24 February - 18:42.

Upcoming date:
Shabbat Hagadol - 24 March 2018, 8 Nisan 5778

Riga ghetto museum

...это окно в историю Рижского гетто,
Холокоста в Латвии и в жизнь
латвийских евреев

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В нашем музее вы увидите:

  • Исторический вид Рижского гетто
  • Памятная стена с именами 70 000 погибших
  • Фотографии, факты, карты
  • Постоянно обновляющиеся экспозиции

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Riga Forum 2017

The Riga Forum is a logical continuation of the project dedicated to the history of the Holocaust – the conference „Holocaust museums and memorial sites in post-communist countries: challenges and opportunities”. It is a platform that unites two projects – the 5 th international Holocaust conference and the 2 nd roundtable dedicated to the contemporary...

Three new exhibitions has been opened

1) 6 billions Could you imagine, what is 6 billions? Interesting, how much time will get to count from 1 to 6 000 000? Now try to imagine, how is it – not only to count, but to draw… Riga ghetto and Latvian Holocaust museum officially opened exhibition named “6 billions”. 14-meters canvas presents 6...

Круглый стол «Форум за европейскую толерантность. Исторический аспект и современность»

16-17 мая 2016 года в Академии наук Латвийской Республики в рамках 4-ой Международной конференции «Музеи и мемориальные места Холокоста в пост-коммунистических странах: вызовы и возможности» состоялся Круглый стол «Форум за европейскую толерантность. Исторический аспект и...


European international tolerance center

Main goals of the Centre is fundamental scientific researches and educational activities related to the history of the Holocaust and contemporary issues of tolerance, to contributing to the dialogue between nations in order to prevent conflicts.
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Materials of conferences 2015–2016

Download digest “Materials of conferences 2015-2016” (PDF) The digest of the materials of the IV and V Conferences 2015-2016 is dedicated to the memory of Professor Eli Wisel ל”ז A young man who have survived in hell and resurrected from ashes. He was the first one who named the Tragedy Holocaust, invoking all the people...

Teiglah, kreplah, aingemaht. Jewish cuisine recipes

In June, 2013, association “Shamir” has published one of the most delicious books – “Teiglah, kreplah, aingemaht. Jewish cuisine recipes” in Latvian language. Traditions of Jewish cuisine, laws of kashrut and Jewish cuisine recipes are collected in this book. It will be useful for those who are interested in Jewish traditions and culture and for...

Extermination of the Jews in Latvia. 1941-1945

In February 2009 the project “Extermination of Jews in Latvia. 1941-1945. Series of lectures”, Editor Rabbi Menachem Barkahan, was completed. The book is published in Russian, Latvian, English, French, German and Hebrew. Project was supported by   Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Union, Open Public Foundation “The Liepaja Jewish Heritage” and...

Other projects