Publication of the German version of Max Kaufmann’s book “Extermination of Jews in Latvia”

Shamir Publishing House has just published the German version of Max Kaufmann’s book Churbn Lettland. Extermination of Jews in Latvia, in hardcover, with comments by Dr. Hist. Grigory Smirin. The name index has been carefully worked out in this edition.  This book is also available in English, Latvian and Russian. It is dedicated to the tragic events of the Holocaust in Latvia as remembered by Max Kaufmann and several other Jewish survivors. In those places where an author of the book unconsciously made an inaccuracy (since the book was written shortly after the Second World War’s end), Dr. Smirin compensated this inaccuracy by giving a detailed scientific commentary.  Since July 2020, the book is available in the information centre of the Riga Ghetto and Holocaust in Latvia Museum. It can also be acquired online. If you wish to purchase the book, please contact us at
The book was published with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.