As a part of “Skolas soma” project, the Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum has prepared and now implements an interactive tour “History Through Fates”

During the development of the museum-pedagogical program, archival data on Jews – residents of the First Republic of Latvia were used. During the tour, participants could familiarize themselves with information about their origin, occupation, family and fate during the Soviet and Nazi occupations. To create an atmosphere, imitations of documents, archival photographs and the style of that era were used.
So far, 3 groups (2 schools and an independent group of parents and children) have taken part in the interactive tour. Children and adults were very impressed. “Thank you for the tour. Very immersed in the topic. The tour caused tremendous emotions ”(school 46, pupil). “This is the best tour of all times !!! Today, children learned a lot of new things. Now they felt what it was and how it was! We remember … ” (school 46, teacher). “If you have to make a difficult but right decision in your life, but you feel that don’t have enough strength, come here and everything will become extremely simple and clear” (Parent, 47 years old).
An interactive tour takes on an individual character and helps the participant to feel the fate of an individual personally. These associations help to strengthen an impression of the horrific events of the Holocaust.
This project was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.