Special offer for the school groups!
The “Perspectivart” Studio at the Riga Ghetto Museum proposes you to study the works of Jewish Modernist artists of the 20th century.
Every topic includes one lecture and one practical master class.
Participation fee:
6 euros per person (materials included)
Minimum 5 people, maximum 24 people.
Age: 12+
Duration of the lesson: approximately 2 hours.
1. Marc Chagall
Memories from childhood, from the past. Creation of memory-based compositions. Choice of the colour corresponding to the emotional impressions.
2. Mark Rothko
The emotion expressed by the colour. Large format work. Colours are chosen intuitively, those that attract you at the given moment. It would be necessary to invent a composition: it can be an abstract one, consisting of geometric shapes. Technique: acryl / watercolour / pencils
3. Amedeo Modigliani
Portraits using stylistic exaggerations. Emotion and the inner world through the portrait.
4. Henry Dreyfuss
Industrial design. The invention of necessary things and their design for everyday life. Use of various materials at hand for the design development, and deep thinking about their functions. Everyone may invent a thing that, in his opinion, could be necessary for people.
5. Ornamental design. It is well-known that in traditional Jewish culture depiction of humans is not encouraged. Over the centuries, this led to the development of the genre of vegetable and geometric ornament with its specific aesthetics and symbolism. During our lesson, we will learn to put together various elements to create our own ornamental compositions.
6. The architectural design of an Art Nouveau building. Making of a prototype. This is a group work: in our team, we will develop the design of the building, discuss its functionality and significance and try to make it with the help of materials at hand.
7. Wassily Kandinsky. Creation of abstract compositions. Study of the reflection of the sound and music in the visual form.
Other topics are currently in development!
If you are interested, please contact the lecturer, Aleksey Malyshev.
Telephone: (+371) 29645039