6th International Conference “Museums of Holocaust in the XXI Century: Challenges and Opportunities” (Riga, 21-22 May)

6th International Conference

Riga Forum: Museums of Holocaust in the XXI Century: Challenges and Opportunities

Riga, 21-22 May


The “Shamir” Society, Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum and European International Tolerance Center announce the start of the registration for the annual conference dedicated to the problems of museums and places of memory of the Holocaust.

For the 6th time, this conference will take place in Riga.

Besides the main session, dedicated to the museums of the Holocaust, the conference will also include specific sessions:

  • Memorials and unknown places of memory of the Holocaust;
  • Holocaust in journalism and literature;
  • Holocaust in art;
  • Migration crises and issues of tolerance: then and now;
  • Holocaust in the Mediterranean: unknown pages of history.

The conference will also include a separate panel discussion dedicated to the amended edition of Max Kaufmann’s Extermination of Jews of Latvia. The book will be presented in English and in German with the comments of Grigory Smirin, Ph. D. in history.

Working languages of the conference are English, Russian, and Latvian. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided. We ask you to send your applications with a brief presentation of your theses (approx. 300 words) to the e-mail address before 1 March.

The hotel (2 nights) and food expenses of foreign participants of the conference will be covered. Please inform us if you wish to arrive to Riga prior to the conference or stay for a longer period of time and if you require kosher food.

To register for the conference, fill in the application form

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