“Bremen – Theresienshtadt. Journey with uncertain end.” The new exhibition by Dagmar Calais.

Dagmar Calais, Bahnhof Bremen)

The new exhibition by Dagmar Calais “Bremen-Theresienshtadt. Journey with uncertain end” was opened on 11th of June

The Bremen artist Dagmar Calais has in her art focused upon events in recent German history. For this installation, Dagmar Calais hand-cast and inscribed 230 memorial plaques in concrete, one for each person with jewish roots who had been deported from Bremen to Theresienstadt in July 1942 and February 1945. The nameplates on the floor point towards a painting of the Bremen central-station, representing the beginning of a one-way journey, which usually ended in Theresienstadt or in the extermination camps.

Curator of the exhibition: Chris Steinbrecher (Bremen)

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