Exhibitions Riga Ghetto Museum
Opening ceremony of our new exhibitions

Association “Shamir” and the Riga Ghetto Museum are glad to invite you to visit the opening ceremony of our new exhibitions on May 25 at 4 PM. All three of them will be dedicated to the remembrance of Holocaust but each of them will appeal to the visitor from a different angle.

“White Rose” is an exhibition dedicated to the story of rebellious German students who did not sell their conscience in exchange for better and safer lives.
“Berlin-Riga. One Way Ticket” is dedicated to the fate of 25 000 Jews deported to Riga from Western Europe, who’s hopes for new, not bright, but still normal lives were destroyed at the Šķirotava train station, in a forest near Riga.
The painting “6 000 000” by Sergey Dubroff shows the scale of the tragedy of Shoa. The painting is an artist’s attempt to not only feel, but also to share how many people 6 million really is, especially if behind every one of them stands a destiny of a person.
We are expecting many very significant for us guests and we would be glad to see you beside them. If our exhibitions will appeal to you, we would appreciate if you could say a few words or perform.