450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education Exhibitions
Feliksa Mostoviča gleznu izstāde Ebreju miests. Zaudēta, bet neaizmirsta pasaule


The exhibition “Shtetl. A world – lost, but not forgotten” presents an overview of Feliks Mostowicz’s art. The exhibition is to opened in Riga Ghetto museum on November 19, 2015. Feliks Mostowicz, born in 1947 in Kazakhstan, is a famous Polish artists, whose works are presented in the Polish Museum of Independence, the Museum of Gdansk, and many more. He had exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Russia, and Kazakhstan. His works are in numerous private collections. In 2002 he was honored with the Polonia Mater Nostra Est prize for special merits for Polish arts and culture.

The “Memories from the past” exhibition focuses on the history of Mostowicz’s family, which was deported from Zhitomir (Ukraine), according to Stalin’s ethnic policy, to North Kazakhstan in 1936. Feliks Mostowicz preserved the unique documentation of this hard period in his works – Stalinism, as well as an unusual image of the Central Asian landscape. His paintings depict not only life stories of various ethnic minorities (who were forced to live in Kazakhstan), but also many symbols, which alternate with steppesand landscapes. Social activities and landscapes are the most common topics for Mostowicz. His paintings present the severe climate of Kazakhstan, social relations and symbols of history and the political regimes. Mostowicz’s art is a unique documentation of Stalinism’s period.

Presentation of art-works of F. Mostovicz and discussion “National and subnational in visual arts in New Europe” with presence of the author will attract attention of the young professionals and students to the problems, will raise important questions of the social and eternal in the arts, will add academic component to the activity, improve inter-cultural dialogue and widen horizons of young artists in Latvia.

Project “450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education” Nr.EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/02 is implemented in Latvia and Norway on 01.01.2015.-31.12.2015. The project is granted by 65 677 EUR by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway, mediating by EEA financial instrument. The project’s total cost is 89 117 EUR, state co-funding 11 590 EUR, co-funding by Association “Shamir” 11 850 EUR. Major activities of the project are four exhibitions in Norway and Latvia, klezmer (Jewish folk music) concert in Riga and International contest and exhibition of children’s paintings.

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