450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education Exhibitions
Izstāde “Ebreji Norvēģijā un Latvijā. Negaidītās krustceles”


The exhibition “Jews in Norway and Latvia. Unexpected crossings” is to be opened in Riga Ghetto museum in the project’s “450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education” Nr.EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/02 boundaries on October 13, 2015. 4 PM.

It  explores a fascinating chapter in the history of the Jews in Europe, telling the story of the Jewish immigrants who came to Norway from 1851 to the Second World War through text and photographs from private albums and archives. The exhibition was displayed at the Oslo Jewish museum in 2001, and then toured as a travelling exhibition being displayed in  90 Norwegian public libraries from 2001 to 2004. In January 2003 an English a bigger version of the exhibit opened at Scandinavia House in New York, later touring the States and Canada being displayed in nine Jewish and Norwegian-American Museums and cultural centers. In 2009 a similar version was exhibited at Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv.

The Themes of the Exhibition:

01. Introduction

02. Henrik Wergeland and Article 2/The first wave of immigration 1852-1880

03. The second wave immigration 1881-1920

04. The Century family – an immigrant story 05. Earning a living

06. Religious life

07. Culture and organizations

08. Jewish life throughout Norway

09. Anti-Semitism and the Norwegian public sphere, 1851-1945

10. Moritz Rabinowitz – humanist in a dark time

11. The Persecution and murder of Norwegian Jews 1940-45

12. Epilogue

The opening of the exhibition is to be accompanied by a lecture on Jewish history of Norway and Latvia by the principal of the Oslo Jewish museum Dr. Sidsel Levin.


Project “450 years together. Jewish culture in Latvian environment – arts, music, education” Nr.EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/02 is implemented in Latvia and Norway on 01.01.2015.-31.12.2015. The project is granted by 65 677 EUR by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway, mediating by EEA financial instrument. The project’s total cost is 89 117 EUR, state co-funding 11 590 EUR, co-funding by Association “Shamir” 11 850 EUR. Major activities of the project are four exhibitions in Norway and Latvia, klezmer (Jewish folk music) concert in Riga and International contest and exhibition of children’s paintings.

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