Riga Ghetto Museum
New website for Riga Ghetto Museum

It is a great pleasure to present you our new website for Riga Ghetto Museum created on a pro-bono basis by Olson agency, USA. New website is launching on the Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 27, 2014) Please see on: www.rgm.lv

Through a groundbreaking mix of Google Street View, recently unearthed archival photos and geo-location technology, the museum’s new site allows people on mobile devices anywhere in the world to literally walk through the Riga Ghetto and learn about what happened at different locations there through a combination of audio and text recounting of survivor stories.

This virtual and educational experience also includes six survivor stories told as interactive graphic novels.

The site was conceived and developed by Minneapolis-based digital agency Olson on a pro-bono basis. We would highly appreciate your note of thanks for Mr. John Partilla, CEO, Minneapolis ad agency Olson. Please use his email for your note of thanks: jpartilla@olson.com.

In memory of all Holocaust victims!