Concerts Community Jewish Culture Festival 5773
Psoy Korolenko, Gele bleter mit Shvartse oygn

First time in the town! Concert of Psoy Korolenko on September 02, 2012 in the “Artelis” theater, Blaumana 32. Tickets – Psoy Korolenko, Russian/Jewish multilingual poet-singer, known as a ‘wandering scholar’ and ‘singing professor’. His unique one-man show balances between folk, klezmer, rap, sound poetry and intellectual cabaret/comedy. As a writer and scholar he is known for his interest to otherness, diaspora, territory, minorities, and borderlines.

The Jewish experience is to him not only a personal story, but also a metaphor of transcultural identity and ultimate otherness. He sings in English, Russian, French, and Yiddish. Two of his eight CDs are recontextualizing klezmer – ‘Un Vo Iz Der Onheyb Fun Foterland’ (Soviet Pop Classics in Yiddish translations and Klezmer arrangements, with All Stars Klezmer Band, Russia -Urkaine – Germany, 2006) and ‘The Unternationale’ (with Daniel Kahn, US/Germany and Oy Division, Israel, 2008). Recently, he is working with Alena Arenkova and Yana Ovrutskaya at a new CD of Yiddish songs to Kadia Molodovsky’s poems. He was a participant, guest and lecturer at many Klezfests in Russia and took part in the program ‘East Meets West’ at Klezkanada-2006. He participated in the Festival of Jewish Culture in Krakov (2005) presenting a show together with Kharkov Klezmer Band. He often performes all over Russia, as well as in Israel and USA.