Exhibitions Jewish Culture Festival 5771
Exhibition, „Flying Letters”

Final  accord  of  the  Jewish culture festival 5771 – since September 27th   unique  exhibition,  „Flying  Letters”  at  the  House  of  the Blackheads will take place. Well-known Israeli sculptress Aviva Shemer www.avivart.com,   Latvian  artist  Jekaterina  Beļajeva  and  Israeli photographer  Dani  Dolev  will participate. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet  has  its  kabbalistic  meaning.

Learn  about this and other interesting  facts  when  you visit the House of the Blackheads. Aviva Shemer’s  paintings  will be exhibited through October 4th after which it  will  travel  to  South  Korea.  All  other exhibits will be shown through October 24th.