Teaching about the Holocaust
Informal Studies of Jewish History, Culture and Tolerance for Jewish Educators

This is to announce that Jewish community “Shamir” and its Educational center of Holocaust remembrance and study at Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum, in association with the Center of Informal Jewish Studies “Melamedia” (Israel) is organizing a set of Jewish history and culture studies for the teaching personnel of formal and informal study institutions from Baltic States and Byelorussia. There will be 4 seminars held in 2 years; each of the seminars will be dedicated to some particular aspects, including the history of Jewry before WW2; the history of Jewish education and culture; Holocaust history and Jewish tradition advanced studies. The information and knowledge gathered at the seminars will serve for further teaching to the scholars of formal and informal Jewish institutions.

The studies are supported by the L. A. Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, Israel.
The first seminar «The history of Jewry before World War II. The aspects of Jewish education and social environment in pre-war period. Methods of teaching» will be held in Riga on March 13th—17th 2011. Potential participants are kindly asked to download the information sheet and seminar registration form and to apply for participation accordingly.
Study program is coordinated by Anna Norman, “Shamir” project manager (+ 371 29243528, project@shamir.lv).