Jewish Culture Festival 5772
From Mitava with love: old family album

The second event of the Jewish culture festival of artists Roman Feierstein, Ljubow Simonenko and Anna Simonenko which is to be at H.Elias Jelgava History and Arts Museum is dedicated simultaneously to history and arts. The exhibition represents a dialogue between times, cultures and dimensions and starts on February 10, 2011, at 16:00.

The city of Mitava (nowadays Jelgava) has witnessed some heavy times. It has changed its images and names. The city now becomes a peculiar participant of a dialogue and serves as a main topic of the exhibition. The city as it was in the beginning of XX century is portrayed by modern artists through the lenses of their own family history that had begun here in Mitava.
Museum visitors get an opportunity to get introduced to the unusual and even surprising exhibition. Its concept is based upon the congruence of family creativeness and personalities and upon the general line of museum activities.
The exposition invites a dialogue and indeed reflects a dialogue of historical eras, family’s generations, languages and cultural traditions, museum exhibits and artworks, creative individualities and arts genres, authors and visitors of the exhibition.

The authors of the concept are spouses since 1946 Roman Feierstein and Ljubow Simonenko and their daughter Anna Simonenko. Together, they represent the united creative team. All three, they graduated Moscow Architecture institute and dedicated their professional life to visual arts. Their professionalism is proved by a membership in Artists’ Unions in Germany and Russia. The artworks of the family have been included into dozens of exhibition projects at galleries, culture centers and museums of many cities and countries.

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