Exhibitions Jewish Culture Festival 5772
Joseph Elgurt. Memorial exhibition.

Celebrating 450 years of Latvian Jewry and commemorating 70 years since Holocaust the memorial exhibition of Latvian graphic artist Joseph Elgurt  is opened in the building of the Riga City Council. His artworks will be exhibited at Latvian capital most important building of Riga City Council. The exhibition is aimed to introduce Riga inhabitants and Latvian guests to the striking phenomenon in world culture of XX century.

The organizers express their sincere hope that masterpieces of Elgurt, who was impressed by the beauty of the world, will make positive impression on the audience of the exhibition to keep and save the hope for the best. The artworks exhibited come mostly from private collections.
Joseph Elgurt (February 12th, 1924, Chisinau, Bessarabia – November 29th, 2007, Riga, Latvia) – Latvian painter, the master of serigraphy. Born in Chisinau at engraver’s family. Elgurt got traditional Jewish education; later studied at Romanian gymnasium in 1934—38 and at Chisinau art school in 1939—41 under S. Kogan supervision. In 1941, Elgurt’s whole family was deported to Transnistria getto by Romanian occupation army; his family members died there. In 1944 he was released and returned to Chisinau; in 1951 graduated city’s art school. Since 1952, Elgurt lived in Riga. In 1958, graduated State Latvian Arts Academy (Graphics department). Obtained a membership at Latvian Artists Union in 1964. Since 1959, participated at exhibition in many countries, including Latvia, Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Poland, Holland, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA. Worked with different print techniques, including lithography, linocut, etching and monotype; indeed best known for his artworks in serigraphy technique. His artworks stand out by texture richness and the variety of tone.
Location: Riga City Council, Ratslaukums 1, 5th floor
Exhibition open:02.02.2011 – 18.02.2011
Monday – Thursday:  9:00 — 17:00.
Friday: 9:00 — 16:00
Saturday, Sunday: closed
Additional information:
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