More than 2 000 pupils of secondary schools of Latvia participated in the Holocaust educational project.

This project is aimed to commemorating the memory of more than 90 000 Latvian Jews, exterminated in Latvia during the Holocaust as well as development of tolerance and democracy among Latvian teenagers.
Due to different reasons, Latvian teenagers are not familiar with some aspects of Latvian and world history, as, for example, the Holocaust, the deportation of Latvian citizens in 1940-1941 etc. Even more, they experience lack of knowledge in world history, asking questions who Hitler was and what Nazism is famous for. By our opinion, it is impossible to built new democratic society without knowing its history. That is why association “Shamir” developed the project “Teaching about the Holocaust in secondary schools of Latvia”.
One hundred pupils and teachers of each school got a set of lectures about the Holocaust and Jewish history in Latvia. Lectures were given by the most outstanding Holocaust researchers in Latvia. After that arrived to Riga for the excursion. They attended the museum “Jews in Latvia”, Riga Ghetto, Horal synagogue memorial, Jewish school and places of extermination of Jews in Riga: Salaspils, Rumbula, Bikirnieki. Then pupils produced creative works on the topic.